Our mission is to accelerate the shift to regenerative eating. 

Our food choices impact the climate.

And each of us can do something about it. Every day.

The question is how.

Delicious Future is a public benefit corporation dedicated to the exploration and promotion of our regenerative future of food. 

We partner with values-aligned organizations to craft food offerings that benefit individuals, communities, and our ecosystems. 

Rooted in academic research and culinary expertise, our programs aim to answer three fundamental questions, in actionable, tangible ways to inspire food choices without compromise:

  • What is regenerative eating?

  • How are chefs shaping regenerative cuisine?

  • How do I eat in a regenerative way today?

Our foundation is science and our expression is art
We educate and entertain around future-forward culinary experiences.

We believe in love at first bite.

We're not the lecturing and guilting kind of organization. We make it personal, enjoyable, connecting, warm.

Once hearts are open, then minds might be ready to hear why those choices are beneficial all around. 
It's inspiring behavior change not by nudging, but by caring.

Our approach

We posit that for this systemic shift to happen, it is as much in the hands of the  consumers as for the industry to transform.

Collectively, we have a powerful role to play in demanding food products that benefit us, our communities, and our ecosystems. 

We want to make it easy for consumers to make the choices that align with their values of high nutrition, delightful taste, and regeneration. 

We collaborate with organizations across the food system innovation spectrum, from soil health advocacy groups, to restaurants and grocery distributors, and startups creating new products that can respond to our growing needs.

Our vision

Research & Development 

As a member of the Plant Futures Initiative at U.C. Berkeley, Delicious Future is creating a foundational and accessible dataset of foods detailing their nutritional value and ecosystem services to feed decision support tools and applications.

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Regenerative Cuisine Awards
The ReggyS

Chef learning program & gala ceremony at Art Basel
Miami, FL - August to Dec, 2023

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Key initiatives

tasting and multi-sensory exploration where an artist, a chef, and an innovator share their perspectives

In partnership with Villa Albertine

San Francisco, CA
January 25, 2023
March 29, 2023

chef-crafted, invitation-only dinners for innovators across the food system 

San Francisco, CA 
March 5, 2022
March 24, 2022

Paris, France
June 16, 2022

Other programs